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Fall Frenzy's First Night in 140 Characters of Less

Steven_Rose: @AJMIX969 Had a great time, would've been better if the headliner Rob Thomas didn't get cut short. Maybe don't schedule till closing time

anniebuentello: Picking up In-N-Out before I collapse @ home. Impressed by Jason Mraz. Rob Thomas was poured into his Levis.

taramiller8: Rob Thomas rocked my face off!

kitty_kerri: Rob Thomas was AWESOME! Had a short set due 2 delays but still rocked it Jason Mraz had the biggest crowd & fan base. All in all a great day

sdiabr12: "lucky" - Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat at Tempe Beach Park is blissful!! Thinking of Dana all day, all the time : )

chanel_nel: I just saw jason mraz and colbie caillat perform 'Lucky' together and i saw sparks! make pretty musical babies please!

alliemcbell: Jason Mraz just made all the guys sing like chicks. Coolest thing ever. Love this guy.

ricklolbrecht: Fall frenzy is maraz-culous i love his hat and his ability to have actual lyrics that are boo ba doo doo sha doobida zigidy bop

Toph59: Jason Mraz in German means... I got a cool voice but I'm a homo and write pointless retarded gay songs

estrogenacide: drunk lesbians making out in front of me at the fall frenzy. Probably better than B52s whole set

Melissa12News: B-52's rocked at the Fall Frenzy Music Festival. "Love Shack" is still one of my favorite karaoke songs!!

carlylately: at fall frenzy. the b-52's are on singing love shack, it's awesome.

dhadler: fall frenzy with the b-52s! Who even knew they were still a group?

AmyFroebel: Gavin Rossdale sounds amazing. He's not too bad looking either.

alhixvacah: We just talked to the hottest guys at Fall Frenzy. :)

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