Fall Out Boy Fans Are Extremely Excited About Last Night's Show

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Last night's sold out Fall Out Boy show was full of girls singing their hearts out to the band's hit songs. Some fans arrived early to get a coveted spot near the stage, extending the line to the Mill Avenue bridge.

I overheard a guy say that Fall Out Boy was the greatest live band he had ever seen. That sounds a little biased, so we took to Twitter to see what everyone else had to say about the show.

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@alltimejo12 THAT. WAS. SO. AMAZING. OH MY GOD @falloutboy

@VnicedudeV i hear fall out boy sucked would anyone like to give me a summary as to why We're getting conflicting information here.

@WolfHaylii @falloutboy thanks so much for a great show. I cried, bled, and sweated my ass off and you were worth every second, you saved rock & roll

@beckymacgotback Who else cried tonight during Fall Out Boy? Just me? Fuck... You're not alone. @HowlMcElroy So many girls tried to fight me at Fall Out Boy. Can you blame them? They waited a long time for those spots.

@bfordelokoxvx almost got kicked out of a fall out boy 5 times god damn you're a pussy and hard as fuck apparently How does that even happen?

@Kwaronker48 @themattyice29 fall out Boy is pretty hardcore that will happen Because Fall Out Boy is totally a hardcore band.

@krissydunk tonight definitely felt like we were teenagers again.. @Alexieeeeee thnks fr th mmrs @falloutboy Nostalgia at its finest.

@ohyeahRAE My fifth grade yearbook says my favorite song was "Dance, Dance" by Fall Out Boy. I am the same person I was seven years ago. Kuddos to me. Well, hopefully you've grown up at least a little bit.

Fans had plenty to say about the afternoon line outside Marquee Theatre- @pskk22 This is still behind us waiting to get in to @falloutboy http://instagram.com/p/acQO3Ltj75/

@JustBeinZVD Saw about 3000 people waiting for fall out boy in 110... No thanks

@itsconvince Damn, I didn't even know Fall Out Boy still had that many fans. I just drove by marquee in Tempe. Biggest line I have ever seen there !

@chrismeow_ ugh peter you're invading my personal space @petewentz #petewentz #falloutboy @falloutboy @ Marquee... http://instagram.com/p/acswAnQ7U2/ Benefits of arriving early.

@Tianna_meow So I told him I'm not going to have sex with him unless we're listening to fall out boy. Does he taste like you only sweeter?

@luiscelayaa Hate everyone that went to go see Fall Out Boy There is such a thing as buying tickets in advance. @NeckDeep__ I'm going to kill myself because everyone is talking about fall out boy and I personally find them terrible. Because hating a band is totally a valid reason to commit suicide.

@crysneedsanap SHOULD I STEAL MY DAD'S CAR SO I CAN GO AND TRY TO MEET @PatrickStump @falloutboy CUZ I'M CONSIDERING IT One day we'll see crysneedsanap on the news for grand theft auto.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.