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Fall Out Boy Grow Up

Fall Out Boy have a few ties to Phoenix that you may not be aware of. The band released Live in Phoenix, a DVD it recorded last year at Cricket Pavilion. Kyle, the band's soundman, is from Phoenix. And the guys used to chill with Valley promoter Will Anderson years before they became an MTV household name.

"He's an awesome dude and he's always done good by us," FOB guitarist Joe Trohman calling from Vienna.

Trohman says the band is looking forward to returning to the Valley — where they're performing at Mesa Amphitheatre — and hoping to hit the town if time allows. "We've played Phoenix a ton, but it seems like we never really get to enjoy it," he says. "I've walked around the (Mill Avenue) area before and there are a lot of cool restaurants and bars down there. (Kyle) keeps telling us about some bar called Geisha [A Go Go]. We'd like to check it out."

When asked what the guitarist would sing at the downtown Scottsdale lounge, which boasts private karaoke rooms, Trohman laughs and says, "probably, like, a Henry Rollins song. I like karaoke."

Fall Out Boy are currently touring in support of last year's Folie A Deux, their most solid album to date and Trohman's favorite FOB disc. Folie A Deux, which loosely translates to "a madness shared by two," is filled with the group's typical melodic pop-punk jams and crunchy guitar riffs, catchy anthems ("America's Suitehearts," "I Don't Care"), and celebrity snark: "Throw your cameras in the air and wave them like you just don't care."

Trohman says the disc is a reflection of how much better they've become as artists: "It's my favorite collection of songs," he says noting that his favorite tracks are "What a Catch Donnie" and "Headfirst Slide into Cooperstown on a Bad Bet." "This record has really become a satire now. It's more of a commentary . . . We just like to put the mirror in peoples' faces a little bit. We're trying."

While FOB bassist, lyricist, mouthpiece, and media whore Pete Wentz has branched beyond music with acting (he recently appeared in an episode of CSI: NY with wife Ashlee Simpson), runs his own record label (Decaydance Records), clothing company (Clandestine Industries), and bars (New York and Chicago's Angels & Kings), Trohman says he's sticking strictly to the music.

"Everything I do has to be about music, whereas Pete has a 1,000 different ideas," he says. "I'd like to work on some music side projects. Music is my life."

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