Fall Out Boy - Marquee Theatre - 6/11/2013 (VIDEO)

Fall Out Boy Marquee Theatre (View the full slideshow.) June 11, 2013

It was as if Fall Out Boy had never left.

When they played Marquee Theatre last night, it was hard to imagine they'd ever abandoned the scene and called it quits four years earlier. The Marquee was sold out, packed wall to wall with sweaty coed-agers. As the band opened their 90-minute, 20-song show with Jay-Z collabo "Thriller," and singer Patrick Stump moved ever-so-slightly away from the mike to let the crowd take control of singing duties, the fans didn't miss a lyrical beat.

The only thing different about Fall Out Boy was that the band was a little lighter -- Stump had lost some weight, and drummer Andy Hurley some locks. The signature black Pete Wentz hoodie was there, even in the Arizona heat, and guitarist Joe Trohman was a little fro-ier -- all the better to headbang with.

The guys, save for the shirtless Hurley, all wore black against a three-screen backdrop that declared "Save Rock Roll," almost the same as their current album, Save Rock and Roll. The guys tried announcing something right before they launched into the concert, but the screams drowned out whatever they said. Finally the music took over, as the band launched into a slew of classic hits and new favorites, with some lesser-known tracks thrown in.

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Nicki Escudero
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