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Family Values Tour

If one band could be held responsible for the nü-metal phenomenon that rose in the wake of grunge, it's safe to say that Korn would single-handedly take the blame. Defining the genre's funky rock-meets-rap sound with the down-tuned guitars on their hugely influential 1994 debut, the group created a unit-moving monster that wreaked havoc on sales charts through the early '00s. While most of the acts that followed immediately in the band's footsteps have since disbanded or shifted away from the nü-metal sound, the evolution of the genre has continued. The Family Values Tour, launched and headlined by Korn, is the annual culmination of that evolution. First held in 1998, the tour gives fans around the country the opportunity to experience a revolving lineup of both the newest and the most established acts that nü-metal has to offer. This year's tour features co-headliner Evanescence and two stages hosting acts like Atreyu, Flyleaf, and Hellyeah, the new band of former Pantera drummer Vinnie Paul Abbott. Consistently marketed as the best tour value of the summer, this Sunday's show features lawn seats priced at less than $10.
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Daniel Raven