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Fashion Choices at Last Night's Deadmau5 Gig -- WTF?

​Last night I went to see Deadmau5 (read our review here) and on multiple occasions I got to play one of my favorite games: Put Your Ass Away. The game is simple. When some chick's booty is hanging out of her bottoms, you call out the phrase, "Put your ass away."

I spent the entire evening surrounded by friendly, fun-loving kandi kids. Some of them wore eye-catching accessories that I thought were kind of neat. Others wore things that prompted me to play another one of my favorite games, Why Would You Wear That?

Some of them opted to not wear much at all, sporting very skimpy bathing suits.

But I just don't understand is why some of the rave chicks feel the need to dress really slutty at these shows. For goodness sake, you're in a mostly dark room anyway. I've had enough of people taking away from an artist's sound and the overall concert experience.

Those furry boots? Ug. Your boots are made of more fabric than the remainder of your outfit. I don't think those really help to "feel the music." Neither does showing up in your bra and underwear. What do neon fishnet stockings do for your concert experience, ladies? What a cry for attention...jeez.

To all the girls who showed up to last night's Deadmau5 concert and matched the description I just listed, maybe you should pay more attention to the awesome show that went down than how you look or who's looking at you. Because with a bomb-ass light show like Joel Zimmerman's, nobody's looking at you.

What ever happened to making the show about the music instead of all these freaky sideshow get-ups?

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Lenni Rosenblum