Fatigo Teams Up With Nowhere Man and a Whiskey Girl For "Tiger Pit" Music Video

The pop-punkers of The Maine aren't the only Valley band pimping a new music video this week. Latin funk/indie rock outfit Fatigo recently posted a YouTube version of their vid for "Tiger Pit," a laidback and torrid pop song the band created with Bisbee's Nowhere Man and a Whiskey Girl for last year's AM or PM... I Don't Know local band comp.

And while it may lack the slick-looking visuals and MTV airplay of The Maine's "Inside Of You," Fatigo's music video has a certain funky charm and panache all its own. Co-directed by frontman Mike Montoya and Phoenix Rising producer Eli Kluger, this three-and-a-half-minute epic was shot in locales all over the Valley (including South Mountain, Downtown Phoenix, and the Lost Leaf), and even some footage from Bisbee.

Also featured is Nowhere Man chanteuse Amy Ross, as well as the choreography of Ellisha Beth. A member of the Deja Dance ensemble, Beth created and coordinated what Montoya described to me as "the Tiger Dance," which he (seriously) hopes will become the latest summertime dance craze similar to the Twist or the Macarena.

"She came up with this dance that's simple enough for people to learn," Montoya says.

The tiger ears, however, are optional.

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