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Feedback Blowback

I just received news that Feedback Video Magazine, which I wrote about here last year, is having to end its run on KAZ-TV (channel 13 on Cox Cable or channel 27 in the atmosphere). Apparently the guys at 3B studios lost some sponsors at the last minute and the contract for the third season was cancelled. The show will continue on the internet though, you can hook up all the new episodes via the show's myspace.

Still, it's a shame that the show isn't on the real tube; FVM covered a grip of dope bands, with live performances and interviews, from the hardcore, punk, metal, and emo scenes. As Darin "SpyderDog" Roberge told me when the show was launching, ""Basically, Feedback Video Magazine is directed at a Hot Topic version of what underground music is -- death metal, hardcore, emo, screamo, punk rock, etc. We've got the girls' pants, white belts, peacock hair bullshit handled. We're gonna cover everybody's musical tastes."

The new season on the internet launches on February 9th, and some of the upcoming artists are Jedi Mind Tricks, Strike Anywhere, Reverend Horton Heat, Darkest Hour, Comeback Kid, and For the Record. For a list of bands the show's featured on its 86 segments, click here.

Roberge says that relations with KAZ-TV are still good, and that the people there have been cool about everything, even offering to discuss a return to the air at some point. Hope springs eternal, I definitely hope the show gets its issues ironed out. There's nothing else like it here. See for yourself, here's a couple of segments, one from local metal machines Job for a Cowboy, and one from hardcore legends Sick of it All.

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Brendan Kelley