Attendees of last year's Fetishball.EXPAND
Attendees of last year's Fetishball.
Benjamin Leatherman

Here's What to Expect at Fetishball 2017 This Weekend at Club Red in Mesa

The fetish world is nothing if not diverse.

So much so that whatever your particular kink or bent might be, there's probably a community or group that will indulge it. And, according to Arizona Festish Society co-founder Mark Peskin, there’s an endless variety of fetishistic pursuits these days.

“There are these different facets, like BDSM, impact play, electrical play, or sensory deprivation,” he says. “I think there as many different types of festishes and things to experience as there are different types of people. And the fetish world hits on all of these, depending on what your particular kink is. There are tons of them. It's quite fascinating.”

And this weekend’s Fetishball 2017, which is put on by Peskin and the other members of the AFS, will try to encompass as many of ‘em as possible. As such, the libertine affair will feature any number of kink-oriented displays and demonstrations, as well as plenty of attendees in both fetish wear and freaky costumes.

"We're trying to give someone who attends the ability to experience and witness all these different fetishes and open their eyes,” Peskin says.

Fetishball 2017 – which takes place on Saturday, September 2, at Club Red in Mesa – has the same M.O. when it comes to industrial music, a multifaceted genre which has been largely associated with the fetish scene. And at the Arizona Fetish Society’s inaugural Festishball in 2016, it was a big part of the event.

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Industrial sounds and the fetish lifestyle have gone hand-in-PVC-gloved-hand for what seems like ages. It isn’t shocking, considering the genre’s twisted aesthetic, intense nature, and dark deviance lends itself quite well to kinky pursuits, especially those of the BDSM variety.

Peskin says that they’re trying to diversify the amount of industrial at this year’s event.

Industrial pop vocalist Nyxx is scheduled to perform at this year's Fetishball.EXPAND
Industrial pop vocalist Nyxx is scheduled to perform at this year's Fetishball.
Courtesy of Nyxx

"Musically, we're trying to be more diverse in the inclusion of industrial music. Last year, we went with industrial metal and a little synth-industrial that people were very familiar with," Peskin says. "But this year we've got acts like Kanga and NYXX, who are both up-and-coming industrial [acts] with female vocals and you don't see a lot of that. And we've got DJ Sin Quirin of Ministry, who is an industrial legend."

They'll also have industrial pop band Aesthetic Perfection, local DJ Tristan/Iseult spinning ambient techno and experimental sounds, and such selectors as //she// and DJ $&M of Sadisco* fame, DJ Zander, and Bella Lune.

This year's event will also boast more room to move, more fetish-related performances and demonstrations, a lounge, and an outdoor drinking area. The performer lineup will include Chelsea LaVone, Wild Men Of The West, Betty Blackheart, Rusty the Genderbending Clown, Madam C, and Little Jae Sinclair.

"We're trying to improve the experience and give people more flavors to sample from, be it the performances, the vendors, and the music."

"We really have a gamut of the industrial sound," Peskin says. “We're trying to improve the experience and give people more flavors to sample from, be it the performances, the vendors, and the music."

Arizona Fetish Society's Fetishball 2017 takes place at 8 p.m. on Saturday, September 2, at Club Red in Mesa. Tickets are $25 per person and are available at the door only. Early arrival is recommended.

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