FIDLAR: "We Just Wanted To Play Loud"

To musical purists, Los Angeles' FIDLAR isn't all that complicated. To the Urban Outfitters, vinyl-collecting teen set, FIDLAR could be seen as intimidating. To the dirty, denim-clad, skateboarding, chainsmoking neo-angst kids, FIDLAR is a voice. Acronymic for Fuck It Dog, Life's A Risk, the band, in all aspects of their approach, embody the antithesis of stereotyped current Los Angeles music. They're brash, they're loud, and you'll likely leave a show bloody, covered in beer, or both -- they're simply fun as hell.

Of all things, FIDLAR was formed as a viable response to the frustrations of its members: An outlet that differed from the Silver Lake and Echo Park scenes, something in line with the rise of similarly heavy acts like The Shrine and Pangea, and even the major-to-minor label change for bassist Brandon Schwartzel, who came from slicked-back L.A. brethren act Rooney.

"Me and Zac lived in Echo Park and Silver Lake for a long time and were around all those indie bands that were playing, and that was kind of one of the reasons that we started making music that we do," says Schwartzel, speaking by phone after having just stepped out of a Russian spa in Seattle. "We just wanted to play loud, playing with bands that had the same attitude. It's awesome to see everyone doing well."

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K.C. Libman
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