Fight Club Sadisco*, Panic! at the Disco, The Donkeys, and the Round Three Pool Party Over the Weekend

Round Three Pool Party The Round Three Pool Party took over the Apache Station apartments in Tempe on Saturday. Pool partiers spent the afternoon getting splashed and trashed to the beats of DJ Smooth and DJ2 Drop...see photos.

Fight Club Sadisco 2011 Grindwhore and various local DJs provided the soundtrack to an evening of head banging and hand throwing at The Firehouse in Downtown Phoenix on Saturday. The actual bruising and brawling was in somewhat short supply but the industrial beats and electric tool borne spectacle that is Grindwhore kept everyone entertained...see photos

The Donkeys at Yucca Tap Room, 6/18/11 The past few shows I have been to -- Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., Givers -- have wound up being pretty low-key, unassuming affairs. Crowds at either show have been modest at best and each set turned out to be a tight, enjoyable hour or so. I was hardly surprised, then, at the end of last night's set by San Diego rockers The Donkeys when I thought to myself, "That was a nice, tight set and a pretty decent sized crowd."...full story

Panic! at the Disco at Marquee Theatre Brendon Urie sure seems happy these days. At last night's Panic! at the Disco show at Marquee Theatre, the frontman seemed more comfortable than ever, hitting high notes his fans haven't been used to, screaming and growling with urgency, and even smoking and drinking on stage. The platform was his playground, and everyone was invited to join the festivities...full story

See: Panic! at the Disco and fun. in photos.

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Jonathan McNamara