Fight Club Sadisco, Stone Foxes and More Over the Weekend

Fight Club *Sadisco, Blow By Blow (with Video)
On Saturday, January 17, the twisted minds behind the monthly *Sadisco events hosted their annual "Fight Club" themed *Sadisco at J-Heads. The scene was post-industrial-apocalyptic, as revelers meandered around the perimeter of the venue among precarious chain link fences, newspaper trash, and spray-painted signs that said things like "I am Jack's inner homosexuality."...full story

Stone Foxes Sweep On Into Ruby Room
San Francisco by way of Fresno rock newbies Stone Foxes dropped by Phoenix's Ruby Room Saturday night as part of their Sweep The West Tour. The band is young, fresh and full of talent - not to mention they possess some incredible rock chops...full story

Curtains: BlackPoet Ventures and Black Theatre Troupe's Revenge of a King
Messing with Shakespeare can be a very good thing. It introduces audiences to a variety of genres and styles of theater that they might have overlooked or avoided in the past...full story

Long Live Logos Charm at Chyro Arts
Sometimes you just need to see a little live music on a Friday night, and without much on the concert schedule this weekend (The Music of Led Zeppelin - A Rock Symphony! Smashmouth!) I found myself at Chyro Arts in Scottsdale to see San Diego's Long Live Logos...full story

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