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Finding Grampa's Monsters to Play Reunion Show at The Trunk Space on July 29

Fans of hiatus-dwelling folk band Finding Grampa's Monsters will have one more chance to catch the trio together for a one-time reunion show.

The show will take place tomorrow night, July 29, at The Trunk Space in Phoenix. They'll be sharing the stage with acoustic hip-hop act Jive Talkin' Robot, a duo that spits verses and rock an upright bass.

Also playing throughout the night, each member of FGM will be showcasing their individual solo projects. Kristina Moore performs as Where Are All The Buffalo?, Bobby Rubalcava is The West Valley and Dominic Armstrong's inadvertent ode to David Bowie sings as Lightning Frightening. (In a Facebook post Armstrong explains the naming of his solo project was a happy mistake but not one he intends to live with. This will be the only chance to watch him perform as Lightning Frightening.)

Follow the jump for more details on the show and catch a clip of Jive Talkin' Robot in action.

You can follow this link to download Finding Grampa's Monsters music for free.

Start time is expected to be around 7:30 p.m. Friday, July 29, at the Trunk Space, 1506 NW Grand Avenue.

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