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First Blood

Any act fronted by horror rocker Joseph Poole — better known as Wednesday 13 — may seem like the natural complement to Creepsville 666, a local punk-metal outfit that fancies itself so dangerous that children should hide their album from the folks, but Poole's latest project, Gunfire 76, may leave Creepsville's fans wanting. Sure, Poole is still wearing more eyeliner than Adam Lambert, but his new band's sound has been thoroughly rooted of its creepy elements and distilled into a clearer, radio-friendly sound that feels a lot more like Rocket from the Crypt. Just the same, it's hard to imagine anyone at the Clubhouse, which is bringing the bands together, complaining too much. Despite the tinges of glam, Gunfire 76 still brings all the same punk attitude and energy that his fans have come to expect. In addition to Gunfire 76 and Creepsville 666, the all-ages First Blood features a slate of other local acts, including Crash Street Kids, London Metal Exchange, Jack The Cat, and Automatic Self Destruct.
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Brian Bardwell