First Wave of Punk Rock Bowling Bands Announced, Includes Black "Flag" Reunion Show

For the past 14 years, Las Vegas' Punk Rock Bowling and Music Festival has featured some of the biggest names in punk music. Previous lineups mostly comprised Warped Tour veterans that were big in the '90s -- think NOFX, Rancid, Good Riddance, etc. The festival combines that nostalgia factor with the occasional reunion. Last year boasted The Briefs and Sham 69, along with Arizona's own party boys, Broloaf.

On Friday, the festival's website got a snazzy new look and revealed the first nine bands on the lineup. The biggest surprise? The lineup skews heavy on the old school: The newest band formed in 1995.

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The lineup for the 15th Annual Punk Rock Bowling definitely looks promising so far. The first band listed, "Flag," is the standout. Having Keith Morris and Bill Stevenson listed in any capacity is exciting, but this isn't an OFF!/Only Crime show, this is essentially a Black Flag reunion, with two original members.

What's even more remarkable is that this lineup features two members (Morris and Chuck Dukowski) who were in the band when it was still called Panic. Black Flag may have an extensive member history, but Bill Stevenson (of Descendents) joined on drums during the Rollins era. Founding guitarist Greg Ginn will not be part of the show. Instead, Stephen Egerton (Descendents) will stand in on guitar.

When I reviewed Ceremony a few months ago, I said --

I'll probably never be able to see Black Flag live, but I'd imagine it to be a little something like what I saw last night.

. . . and I'm sure Flag will be as good as Ceremony, if not way better.

The Damned and '80s punk stalwarts D.R.I. are set to perform with street punk favorites Subhumans, Swingin' Utters, and Lower Class Brats.

The first wave of musicians includes two bands that helped define Epitaph punk -- Bad Religion and Bouncing Souls. Yes, The Souls are on Rise Records now, but How I Spent My Summer Vacation and Hopeless Romantic are just as definitive as ...And Out Come the Wolves, Punk in Drublic or Everything Sucks.

Punk Rock Bowling's Facebook states that the rest of the lineup will be revealed over the next few weeks. Since Stevenson and Egerton will already be there, our fingers are crossed for a Descendents reunion. Bowling registration starts today and tickets go on sale Tuesday, January 29.

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