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Here's something for a future episode of Behind the Music: the alt-scene diehards of Fishbone. The band's certainly followed the show's patented "career roller coaster": At SoCal's Hale Junior High in 1979, spastic saxophonist Angelo Moore joined five cohorts and began pumping out a concoction of funk, metal-laced punk, and ska. They dropped a "one mega nuttbomb" on the same early-'80s L.A. scene that produced Jane's Addiction and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, providing hip whiteboyz with tee shirts to prove they were down with urban culture. Singles like "Party at Ground Zero" and "Freddie's Dead" helped propel them to prominence and a spot in 1993's Lollapalooza, but after original guitarist Kendall Jones quit to join a cult, and former bassist Norwoord Fisher attempted to abduct his former bandmate with a stun gun, only to be arrested, it was downhill for the 'Boners from there. They've been dumped by a host of labels, endured multiple lineup changes, and have ridden the music periphery ever since. Still, their live shows are frenetic freak fests, as Moore and company provide an all-out aural assault. Stay tuned.
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