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Five 2012 Albums for Enjoying The Apocalypse

Let's face it, the Mayan Calendar thing is kind of silly, but I'm still obsessed with it because I often ruminate on The End. It's an important scenario to consider, no matter how unlikely, because it makes us ask the Big Questions and wonder how meaningful/meaningless our lives truly are.

One of my favorite films is Melancholia, which features Kirsten Dunst nakedly staring at a large blue planet that is going to collide with Earth and destroy all life. It's stunningly begs the question, if you had 24 hours left before the world was smushed into nothing, what would you do? Cower in fear or commit suicide? Have sex or shoot up heroin? Just watch?

Dunst pretty much says anything you do is "a piece of shit." And she's half right, but whatever your choice, it reflects deeply on you, no matter if its meaningless. For me, I'd put on a vinyl record or two and just wait. And I'd smile and I'd smile and I'd smile. Here are five albums from this year that make the perfect soundtrack for your apocalypse, coming this year or next.

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