Five Actors (and the hair) That Could Pull Off Elvis

Earlier this week it was announced that Eric Bana has received the go-ahead to play the iconic Elvis Presley in Cary Elwes' directorial debut, Elvis & Nixon.

Wah. Wah. Wah.

The casting of the King is undoubtedly an unenviable task. I mean, how do you embody Elvis swag into just one person? Hollywood has tried it a couple times now, but it seems nearly impossible to find a ringer. They came close with Jack White's awesome turn as Presley in Walk Hard. And who can forget Val Kilmer's incarnation in True Romance?

But what really has us bogged down is not that the film is set on a 1970 Presley trip to the White House. Or that this is the same Eric Bana that played the abysmal Hulk. No, what's most troublesome is that Eric Bana's hair will be in the film.

Sure there's plenty of things to consider when casting such a dynamic figure but if there's one thing every actor in the running has to have, it's great hair.

Using great hair as our only criteria, we give you our list of actors who are better suited to fill Presley's shows.

1. Johnny Knoxville: He wouldn't even have to try with a coif like his. You put a guitar in his hand and and a hitch in his step and you got yourself a damn good Elvis look-alike.

2. James Franco: So maybe Franco is more James Dean than he is Elvis Presley, but slap on some massive sideburns on this dude and it just might work.

3. Jon Hamm: Kind of like the King, Hamm is already a cool madman. Some folks think of him as Clark Kent material, but in Presley's hey day he probably could have pulled off Superman if he wanted.

4. Keanu Reeves: Or "Canoe" as my friends and I like to call him. He's saved the world countless times in his films, now it's time for him to save a famous face. With the right amount of product, his hair can do just that.

5. Joaquin Phoenix: He proved he could keep his shit together long enough to play Johnny Cash. Maybe he has just enough crazy in him to pull off Elvis.

Eric Bana: This is not Elvis hair.

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