​As Munich's 17-day slosh-a-palooza wrapped up yesterday, it left us feeling a little empty. We didn't celebrate Oktoberfest the proper way -- by getting shithoused in lederhosen and violently gesturing toward the breasts of a beer wench with a full mug of god's greatest nectar, all while listening to polka. 

Five Beers and Their Musical Pairings

(As a side note, we've never actually been to Germany's Oktoberfest, so stereotypes are all we have to build on.) 

Oh well. Tempe Town Lake is rockin' its own Oktoberfest this weekend. As a precursor to our own local celebration, we've decided to play beer sommelier and pair it with something we're actually quite knowledgeable about. Here are our favorite beer and band pairings.

Jimmy Eat World - Four Peaks' Kiltlifter 

Both are local favorites that have seen national fame, and both go down pretty easily. Adding sparkle to tried-and-true methods, both Jimmy Eat World and Kiltlifter know how to please a crowd without compromising artistic integrity. 

Nickelback - Bud Light Lime

It seems to be everywhere, but you're not quite sure who actually drinks that shit. Both seem to troll the shelves of record stores and liquor markets, just waiting to jump down the throats of a vulnerable, weak-minded consumer. A team of marketers have planned it that, and you're going to drink it at some point whether you like it or not. Suck it down, bitch. This pairing will find you somehow, someway. 

Sufjan Stevens - Unibroe's La Fin Du Monde

Enjoyable on a superficial level, the complexities of these two really shine when you take a moment to step back and really understand what you're taking in. It starts with a gorgeous, cloudy golden hue and morphs into something symphonic with multiple layers and flavors. This is one pairing that's best appreciated alone in a room with no disturbances. Complex arrangements shine brightest with no unnecessary outer stimuli. 

ICP - Four Loko 

It's not technically beer, but ICP isn't technically music, either. This shit will ruin your life if you're not careful. Just one sip will get you loopy. Drinking a whole can of it can get you so blasted, you'll start to make sense of Shaggy 2 Dope quotes like "It's not just everyday you just get to marinate with a giraffe, man." 

Led Zeppelin - Samuel Adams' Utopias

The pinnacle of their respective crafts, Led Zeppelin and Utopias have plenty in common. Mainly, they have branding on their side. Utopias, at 27% abv, is one of the strongest naturally-brewed beers in the world, and it's also one of the most expensive, marked up to an outrageous $600 per bottle on some retail sites. Adding the Samuel Adams name and pristine ratings to their credit, the price is driven to outrageous levels. We're pretty sure a Led Zeppelin reunion tour would have the same effect.

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