Five Reasons Mumford & Sons Doesn't Deserve The Backlash

[We're not sure a seemingly uncontroversial band has ever generated as much controversy as Mumford and Sons have in their brief stint as folky chart-toppers. To celebrate their show tonight at Desert Sky Pavilion, we looked for voices from both sides of the (surprisingly heated) Mumford & Sons debate to argue each side of the question. For the Con side, click here. - Ed.]

Mumford and Sons is impossible to avoid. If you're not hearing their songs, or experiencing their fashion sense first-hand, you're hearing the songs that have found radio success in their wake, or seeing your friends' new mustaches. For that reason, if nothing else, the backlash was inevitable.

But under all the grave social import, they're really just a band with some good pop songs who've done some neat things and become inconceivably successful. Here are five reasons they haven't earned the backlash they've received.

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