Five Reasons We're Excited to See Roger Waters -- Again

We reviewed Roger Waters' show last time he was in town, and he blew us away. As Perez Hilton would say, that concert was "amaze-balls."

Waters has been on tour for over a year and a half, and the man knows what he's doing. He also knows people won't hesitate to come back for another taste of The Wall. Normally we might say, "Been there, done that," but this show is definitely worth seeing twice. Even if you didn't get to catch it on the first go-round, make sure you'll be there this time.

So what's so special about this concert anyway? Funny you should ask...

Roger Waters is scheduled to perform Tuesday, May 15 at the US Airways Center.

5. The production quality is above and beyond amazing.

From the digital projections and the pyrotechnics to the gradual destruction of a gigantic physical wall, the slew of visuals constantly fight for your attention.

4. Even the intermission is enticing.

How often do the concerts you attend include an intermission where you learn about war heroes and military history? Not many? Yeah, that's what I thought.

3. Those huge floating figures are quite a sight.

All of the eerie puppets with the creepy faces and the awesome balloons really add some credibility to the already wild show.

2.It's as close to seeing anything performed by Pink Floyd as we'll get for a while.

Syd and Richard are no longer with us, and aside from both of their live contributions to one song on Roger's tour a year ago, Nick Mason still isn't down for a reunion, and David Gilmour is closed off to the idea of a full-on tour as well. Essentially, we're not holding our breath for another reunion of any sort to happen any time soon.

1. Um, hello? You're in the presence of Roger Effin' Waters!

Let's be real, getting to see Roger Waters do his thing in person should be reason enough to go see The Wall performed in its entirety.

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Lenni Rosenblum