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Five Reasons Why CDs Are Better Than Vinyl

I'm feeling a little spunky this morning, so I figured I'd rile up some Mumfords.

Mumfords? That's my latest name for hipsters. Outspoken, cooler-than-thou cats who are all over the latest music craze, regardless of whether it's truly in their heart or not.

Most writers don't harass Mumfords, in fact, they tend to watch those hip little rascals very closely. They write stories about their latest whim and tell the rest of us we should mumfordize ourselves accordingly. What? You're not hip to this? Better get your shit together.

This cycle has happened repeatedly over my quarter-century in music biz, but never has there been more hipster hype than with the resurgence of vinyl records. You might have heard. Vinyl is back to save the world.

Anyway, nothing riles up a Mumford, young or old, than bagging on their beloved vinyl. So here we go.

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Steve Wiley
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