Five Solid Music Moments from SNL (With Video)

From the Blues Brothers to Steve Martin playing King Tut, legendary musical moments are part of what make Saturday Night Live more than just another comedy show.

SNL still holds its own sometimes but it was at its prime a few decades ago when it was lot edgier. Edginess is an, ahem, double-edged sword, though.

At least they don't have truly crappy performances anymore, like that of Sinead O'Connor back in 1992. Then again, maybe, nothing is worse than Ke$ha was earlier this year. Yeah, actually, that might be bottom.

In any case, here are five moments that are way better than those. Five totally solid music moments from the show's illustrious history.

5. Madonna on Wayne's World

The greatness starts off with Wayne and Garth putting Madonna at the top of their list of absolute babes. The next thing they know, they're in a dream where they're hanging out with Madonna in her own bedroom. In typical Wayne's World fashion, party time/excellence ensues.

4. Adam Sandler performing "The Thanksgiving Song"

Now here's a classic song for the fall season. It originally aired in November 1992 and has stuck with us as a holiday classic ever since. The acoustic performance gets taken up a notch when Kevin Nealon unexpectedly sings along with Adam Sandler.

3. Dave Matthews mocking himself on The Mellow Show

Even plenty of Dave's own fans believe him to be a little crazy, which is why Ozzy Osbourne was a perfect role for him to play on The Mellow Show. A group of modern acoustic greats gather to share songs, announce lost pets, and discuss upcoming projects. Somewhere in the mix, Ozzy mocks the real Dave Matthews (himself).

2. The Barry Gibb Talk Show

I'll take watching Jimmy Fallon playing the lead singer of the Bee Gees over watching Late Night With Jimmy Fallon almost any day. Justin Timberlake's few lines only add to the humor. Kristin Wiig tops it off by joking that Barry Gibb's career is really "staying alive." I just can't help myself.

1. More Cowbell

You didn't actually think the "More Cowbell" skit wouldn't be on this list, did you? "More Cowbell" features the Ferrell-Walken comedic powerhouse in one of the most memorable moments in somewhat more recent Saturday Night Live history. It's an SNL music essential.

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Lenni Rosenblum