Five Songs To Christmas Light Your House To

Five Songs To Christmas Light Your House To

By this time you should be out of your turkey coma, foraging through your garage for that shabby box labeled: Christmas Lights.

All that talk about department stores jumping the gun after Halloween is behind us, because it's time to show your Christmas cheer and light the night skies with those familiar hues of red, green, blue and yellow.

Unless your house, apartment or love shack is still sporting last year's decorations you've got quite the task ahead of you, so let us help get you in the spirit with what is likely to be the first of many Christmas song lists that won't include Mariah Carey.

The Waitresses - "Christmas Wrapping" Patty Donahue not only knows what boys like or what guys want, she and Chris Butler also know how to get in the Christmas mood. The Donnas and Spice Girls have covered it in recent years, but 1981 did it best.

The Vandals - "My First X-mas (As a Woman)" This time of year is about making wishes come true. Whether you want army men or basketballs, pantyhose or Barbie dolls or even reconstructing your genitals.

Death Cab For Cutie - "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)" If you're going to remake a seasonal classic, you have to do it justice. Darlene Love and producer Phil Spector would probably agree with us that Death Cab did just that with this 2004 cover.

Bob Dylan - "It Must Be Santa" If an accordion and cigar-smoking Dylan asking, "who laughs this way, ho-ho-ho," doesn't get you in the spirit there's just no hope for you.

Kate Bush - "Mistraldespair" Kate Bush takes her love of snowmen to a whole other level with this stop-frame animation; a visual piece created to accompany her recent album release, 50 Words For Snow. If loving a snowman is wrong we don't want to be right. Or do we?

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