Five Songs To Prepare You For Black Friday

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Rebecca Black, "Friday"

Of the many songs about Fridays, this best sums up the consumer holiday. For one, it's annoying as hell, yet it seems to be everywhere. Like this song, folks may swear that they'll avoid Black Friday deals this year, but just as they won't admit to their friends that they like this song, they'll spend their Thanksgiving lurking outside of Best Buy. You may be able to use this song to drive other folks crazy in line so you can jump up a spot or two, but I can't guarantee your safety.

The Smiths, "Panic"

YouTube videos of shopping center stampedes should be enough of a deterrent to stay home, but no. Most of these folks would be willing to hang the DJ (or the clerk, whatever) just to get some good deals.

It also begs the question of whether Morrissey is a Best Buy or a Fry's Electronics kind of guy.

Madonna, "Material Girl"

"We are living in a material world and I am a material girl." Because materialism is more important than Thanksgiving, duh.

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Melissa Fossum
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