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Fivespeed rejoins the field

Fivespeed almost fooled us. The local emo rock band seemed to drop off the radar after releasing Trade In Your Halo two years ago through Sunset Alliance (the independent record label belonging to Before Braille vocalist Dave Jensen) and signing to Virgin Records. But it turns out that the band has been traveling all over North America thanks to the major-label record contract. Vocalist Jared Woosley says that when Fivespeed took the stage at Before Braille's CD release show on December 11, it was the band's first local appearance in a year. A wave of setbacks led to Fivespeed's MIA status, including conflicts within the band that resulted in hiring a new drummer (Shane Addington from Stereotyperider), and an attempt to collaborate with producer Garth Richardson (Chevelle, Trapt) in Vancouver last year. Woosley describes that experience as a complete disaster. Luckily, Virgin is backing the Phoenix folks. They've begun recording again, this time with David Bendith (Killswitch Engage) in the producer's seat. Woosley says the band has chemistry with this producer and is anxious to finish the album by mid-February. Expect the new album to hit stores in fall 2005.
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Chelsea Mueller
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