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Flavor Flav Chickens Out, Closes His Restaurant

After too many disagreements with his restaurant manager and some trouble with bouncing paychecks, Flavor Flav's fried chicken restaurant in Clinton, Iowa has closed, according to Pollstar.

First and foremost, Flav claims that restaurant manager Nick Cimino "isn't running the business right," which is why Flav scrapped one of the restaurant's licenses. Secondarily, the fact that so many of his employees were receiving bouncing checks and were not getting paid must have caused his business some trouble as well as public embarrassment.

The restaurant hadn't even been open for four months yet when it closed. Despite the failure of this business, Flav's newest restaurant, Flavor Flav's House of Flavor, is scheduled to open in Las Vegas in May.

What's up with celebrities thinking that sticking their name on a restaurant will make a business more successful? It doesn't make the food taste better (I'm talking to you, Celine Dion), and it doesn't ensure that employees are paid properly (and you, Justin Timberlake). Better luck next time, Flav.

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