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Flavor of the Week: Lemonade

Pitchfork isn't always wrong. They may be horribly opinionated with a healthy self-image (read: full of themselves), but they manage to get things right every once in a blue moon. Case in point: Lemonade. The trio from Brooklyn and San Francisco fall into the "experimental" category, sometimes an inescapable kiss of death. However, Lemonade pushes through all that experimental bullshit, producing unique and insanely catchy music. It's refreshing to see them wade through all the similar sounding crap that's being put out and labeled "indie" these days. The band happily moves past most normal conventions of what music can be, employing pulsating drums, trippy synths and borderline awful - in a good way - vocals. It all comes together in a spacey cluster of dense, intelligent and experimental indie rock.

I'll admit, a band like Lemonade fans my super out-there indie rock flames. I can't stop listening to bands like Gang Gang Dance, Animal Collective, Telepathe and Passion Pit. These bands all pump out left-of-the-dial goodness with extreme ease, putting my to rest fears that originality and individuality are a lost art. On their self-titled debut, Lemonade ooze with originality, jumping from the calypso sounds of "Big Weekend" on into the Bollywood-tinged 8 minute mindfuck "Nasifon." For a band trying to be extremely unique and fiendisly perplexing, Lemonade is surprisingly accessible. Their music carries a certain melody other experimental bands ditch in order to freak out their audiences. Lemonade hooked me with "Big Weekend," a song that has been on repeat ever since I discovered it this weekend. Their weirdness is inviting with its range of sound and lyrics that I can sometimes understand. So take a cue from Pitchfork, slap on (and maybe sip on) some Lemonade, and be entranced by their eclectic indie rock sentiments.

The self-titled debut from Lemonade is out now on True Panther Sounds (epileptics please do not click the last link). Check out their myspace (and the song "Big Weekend") here and please enjoy these tracks, courtesy of RCRD LBL.

Here are some tracks from the aforementioned artists Gang Gang Dance, Passion Pit, Telepathe and Animal Collective. Bonus fact: all four bands are American, just like it should be. America, fuck yeah!

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Michael Lopez