Fleshmap Chart Shows Occurrences of Body Parts by Music Genre

Fleshmap analyzed samples of thousands of songs and calculated the percentage of instances in which a certain body part is mentioned in a particular genre. Genres such as alternative, folk, electronica, country, and hip-hop were included in the study. The results are fascinating, with hip-hop showing some of the more obvious results ("ass" appeared in more than 23 percent of all hip-hop songs). 

The findings are a fun, informative way of seeing just what body parts are sung about when the lyrics pertain to the human anatomy. The eyes and face seem to be the more popular choices, but certain parts of the genitals and other body parts (heel, forehead, cheek) pop up on occasion. Fleshmap is nothing if not a fascinating study into which body parts hold more importance and recognition among genres of music. Have a look for yourself -- you might be surprised at just what pops up in your favorite genre.

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