Flier of the Week: AAWL Benefit Show

By Martin Cizmar I picked this week's flier not because it's good, as it is certainly anything but. I picked this monstrosity because my flier of the week contest is still going on, and this should serve as a reminder of just how bad the fliers in this town have gotten.

Remember: whoever posts the best flier on the New Times MySpace page (give me a heads up on the comment section here) will receive the greatest prize of all, me blogging about your show, no matter how much your band sucks. I'll also be sure to mention the artist.

Without further ado, your flier of the week...

Wow. So this is obviously for a good cause, but not only is the artwork kinda lame, the concept is weak: Aren't we supposed to go to this show so that dogs get the stuff they need so they do not end up dead and, if Disney is to be believed, in heaven?

So go see Aaron Neber, The Westwoods, Night Wolf, Jaime J and The Black Jacket because this is a good cause, but be sure to tell them you’d like a better flier next time.

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