Flier of the Week: Andrew Jackson Jihad at Rogue Bar

Okay, this flier for Andrew Jackson Jihad at the Rogue Bar is a little disturbing (aren't black birds supposed to be bad luck?), but it's still fun since THERE'S A BIRD WEARING A CORSET! Seriously, how often do you see birds wearing corsets?! Not that often, my friend, and what better place to display one than on a poster for a rocking show by a local band?

The poster inspires many questions. What is the bird holding in her mouth? What influences her fashion sense? And, gosh darn it, how did she get her freaking wings to be so slender?

Andrew Jackson Jihad knows how to stand out beyond their flier artwork, too. The Phoenix folk/Americana band has nearly 20 releases under their belt, and it doesn't look like the band has any plans of stopping, since the group is constantly playing live.

The flier is made even more hilarious by the presence of Phoenix band Gilmore Grrrls, an all-male pop trio that actually seems like a band Rory Gilmore might like to listen to, although the group would be so much more fun to watch if they wore women's clothing on-stage. Just a thought.

The bands are joined by fellow Phoenicians The Liars Handshake, a band which, sadly, is misspelled on the flier. Oh, well, the drawing's still face-melting. The 21-and-older show, which starts at 9 p.m., is $6.

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