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Flier of the Week: Asses of Evil at Copper State Tavern

This flier sure is pretty for advertising a show by a band that goes by the name of Asses of Evil. It's a bright and colorful portrait of a lady with pin-up girl style, and it almost looks as if it could have a place in a comic book. Asses of Evil bassist Tana Satana designed the flier with the punk rock band's fun-loving attitude in mind.

"The model struck her as a woman of cartoonish style and easy virtues, some of the same attributes the Asses use to describe themselves," says singer/guitarist J.J. Jet Jaguar.

This is a huge show for the band, considering it's their first since they performed at the New Times 2008 Best of Phoenix punk rock show. Don't call it a reunion, though--Jaguar insists the band simply plays when they feel like it, and since they're currently renting out a rehearsal space, fans can expect more activity from the band. They've already booked a show in September at Phoenix's George and Dragon and are currently writing for a follow-up to their self-titled debut.

As for their show this Saturday, August 21 at Copper State Tavern in Glendale, Jaguar says, "This flier should make you feel like you will be walking into a loud, hard drinkin', sweaty dive bar to catch some good rock and roll. If this is up your alley, you won't be disappointed."

The band plays with The Dark Hearts, Labor Party and The Cosmeticators, and it's 21-and-older. See www.myspace.com/assesofevil for details.

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