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Flier of the Week: Bro-Loaf at Rogue Bar

Sure, Valentine's Day is a great holiday for some--looking at you, ooey-gooey couples who can't seem to keep their hands off each other. But for others, Cupid is more of a devil than an angel, only shooting arrows at a select few who get to act all romantic this lovers' weekend.

Local punk band Bro-Loaf will have none of that, as they play a tongue-in-cheek show at The Rogue Bar this Saturday, February 13. Judging by the flier, there won't be anything lovey-dovey about this show--just dirty, sweaty fun as fellow local punk and metal bands Greenhaven, Reverend Doom and Sharp Sticks take the stage.

And there will probably be tons of peeps donning PJ's, since those who arrive in sleepwear score drink specials. Appropriately (or inappropriately), one of the $2 cocktails you can sip is a red-headed slut, while PBR is also only $2.

If you've ever seen the sexy crowds who tend to fill up the Rogue Bar, it's probable pajamas might get interpreted as lingerie and tighty whities. Not that there's anything wrong with that--it just may be the perfect attire to go with the fratastic lyrics of the aptly-named Bro-Loaf.

Here's hoping there'll be some onesies in the crowd--there's nothing more punk than that.

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Nicki Escudero
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