Flier of the Week: Dirty Lingo at Rogue Bar

What's a nice way to give a show a classic holiday touch? Peep this flier.

Anamieke Quinn, a folksy singer with a strong, spunky voice, designed the flier with a little inspiration from artist Gil Elvgren. "His girls tend to have a wholesome and pure yet sultry and playful allure, which couldn't be a better fit for the show we put together," Quinn said.

The event gives attendants so much to look forward to. Quinn added that the holiday gig at the Rogue Bar boasts four bands, live painting, hot apple cider, snacks, professional gift wrappers for all of you busy last-minute shoppers, and an expanded dance floor. If all of those goodies, plus the great local talent, can't get you in a Christmas state of mind, what else can?

The killer lineup includes Dirty Lingo, The Paper Snowmen, Anamieke Quinn, The Low Men, and Laura Fischer, all of whom made good points about why you need to get yourself to Rogue tonight.

The Paper Snowmen's bassist Scott Miner points out that the venue itself makes for an enjoyable environment. "The stage and the room sound great!" After all, the venue just got a new sound system, which means that all the bands should sound superb.

Dirty Lingo's bassist John Hayden is down for the variety of styles the
lineup will offer. "It will be a great way to start the holiday
weekend," Hayden said.

Laura Fischer, whose paintings will be real-time artistic interpretations of the event, thinks there's no excuse for not showing up. "Incredible music, live art ... Why wouldn't you come?" she said.

Douglas Preston Jr., vocalist and guitarist for The Low Men, is pretty stoked for the gig as well. "It's a great night to go out before the craziness of Christmas ensues. For me personally, I can't wait to see Shawn Johnson's new band, The Paper Snowmen," he said.

Join Doug and the others in supporting awesome local artists. The 21-and-older gig kicks off at 8:00 p.m. Tickets are $5, and more info can be found here. Check out a solid Dirty Lingo jam below.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.