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Flier of the Week: Iwrestledabearonce at The Nile Theatre

Michelle Donovan
As if their name isn't cool enough, Iwrestledabearonce totally hit the jackpot with this flier. There is an army of cutesy looking bears creating a bevy of psychadelic eye candy to the viewer, and they look so cool, they probably won't have any people trying to wrestle them any time soon.

IWABO can thank The Nile Theater and Mantooth Group co-owner Michelle Donovan for the craftsmanship. Donovan says she hopes people are intrigued by the metal group's clever name and can expect to be entertained with a high-energy show Saturday, October 16 in Mesa.

"One, it's a Saturday night, and you might as well party," Donovan says. "Two, it will be a really good show, and it is in the main room of the Nile, so if you have not been there yet it gives you an opportunity to check it out. Three, Iwrestledabearonce always has great merch." Think beer cozies.

Local support for the show comes in the form of Eyes Set to Kill, and Chelsea Grin, The Chariot and Vana also perform. The all-ages show starts at 6 p.m., and tickets are $13 in advance and $15 the day of show. For more info, see www.mesaunderground.com.

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