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Flier of the Week: Japanese Monsters

By Martin Cizmar

I bring you this week's Flier of the Week not because it's a bunch of bands we've recently featured at the Ruby Room, but because it's possibly (and hopefully) the last time we can use Sarah Palin as a pop-culture touchstone for a long, long, long time. Maybe ever.

So here's the woman who once dreamed of being Vice President, with a giant bug on her head against a sunburst background, reminding us of how relevant as she was a mere two weeks ago, and (hopefully) never will be again. She was the Halloween costume and late night comedy star of the year and now she's back in Alaska where she belongs, possibly being eaten by a polar bear. God Bless America.

With any luck, she'll soon be as recognizable as this fellow. Who is he? Click the jump.

Seriously guys, do you not know former Nixon Veep Spiro Agnew when you see him?

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Martin Cizmar
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