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Flier of the Week: sBACH

By Martin Cizmar

I bring you this week's Flier of the Week not because I love the Towelie-esque flier - though it is pretty cool - but because I don't want to be the only person who shows up to see videogame rockers sBACH at Modified this Saturday. I advanced this concert in the paper this week (read here) so I won't recap it in full, but sBACH is a really interesting band... And a really interesting band with a built-audience of maybe four 8-bit gamers like me. So, I'm not even totally sure I'm going, but I think I will, and you should too. Otherwise, it's gonna be a sad and lonely Saturday night.

By the way, I'd probably try to skip The Fuckin Kennies if I were you. I saw them open for Vampire Weekend and would be comfortable with labeling them Arizona's Worst Band. The best I can say for them is that I'm so glad they're from Tucson, as I'd consider them an embarrassment to the Phoenix music scene. Video on the jump.

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Martin Cizmar
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