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Flier of the Week: Snail Quail

Nothing says "good times at the Trunk Space" quite like Pee Wee Herman and Snail Quail.

Snail Quail's singer and guitarist Jonathan Cisneros designed this week's featured flier. He was shooting for something that would make people smile.

"The concept behind the flier was to make it undeniably 'Snail Quail-esque' and simple," Cisneros said. "A lot of people think Pee Wee is kind of a weirdo creep, but people who like him know that he's an absolute freakin' genius! We chose something we really enjoyed ourselves because we guessed that people who like the flier would become interested in our quirky little band too."

Not only will Snail Quail be officially releasing their brilliant single "Phoenix, Arizona," but they'll also be playing this gig with a bass player. Snail Quail's drummer Tim Hoag said the show will surpass your expectations of a great time.

"It's really going to be more of a shin dig than just a show," Hoag said. "We're excited to get people ready for our full album. We have good friends performing with us. And what better place to have a local party than the Trunk Space?"

Hello The Mind Control, Vladee Divacc, The Colour Real, and The Bittersweet Way will also be rounding out the show's artist roster.

Here's the rundown: the gig is all ages with a $6 cover. The quirky, folk-punky fun time starts at 8 p.m. Don't be late, or you might miss out on free high fives. More information can be found here. While you're letting the excitement build up, check out Snail Quail's promotional video they made especially for this show.

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