Sun Ghost at The Rogue Bar
Sun Ghost at The Rogue Bar
Lindsay Tripodis

Flier of the Week: Sun Ghost at The Rogue Bar

Is there seriously anything cuter than kittens these days?

The Rogue Bar co-owner and talent buyer Lindsay Tripodis went for the jugular with this flier for local rock band Sun Ghost at the Scottsdale venue this Friday, December 17. Not surprisingly, she says her inspiration came from cats, the sun and ghosts. Make sense now?

"The show is going to rock, and people who like cats are welcome, because they also rock," Tripodis says.

Tripodis' influences are interesting, considering the ghosts in the flier are not the kind you'll see flying around Halloween time, like white sheets with black eyes. No, it appears the innocent little kitties here are watching ghosts themselves, while basking in the sun's rays. Are these friendly ghosts? Are the ghosts trying to tell the kittens something? Whatever the message is, it seems an important one, considering the extremely focused stares of the little animals.

Unfortunately, no cats are allowed at the show, so leave Whiskers at home.

While there won't be any pets at the show, Up on the Sun readers do get a special treat if they attend, though. Simply mention you saw this as flier of the week, and your first can of PBR is only one penny--which might be a lot better than trying to control a feline during a rock show, anyway.

Plus, Tripodis adds, "'Tis the season to support local music and local business! These hard working bands need to buy each other presents!"

Space Trash, Nomadic Romantic and Jason Paul also perform at the 21-and-older show, which costs $6 and starts at 8 p.m. See for more info.

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