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Flier of the Week: The Alchemist Divide

There's nothing a like a heavy metal benefit show. Brace yourself for hardcore shenanigans at Warehouse 201, a venue that has recently seen decreases in attendance and is now in danger of closing. The Alchemist Divide frontman Brandon Kellum designed this flier to support the cause.

"The flier was designed with a very apocalyptic feel to it," Kellum said. "The scene brings memories of movies such as Silent Hill when there is an eerie calm before the unexpected onslaught ensues. This can be a symbolic omen of things to come when nine of Arizona's most extreme bands come together for the single cause of helping the Warehouse survive through its recent struggles."

Joining the Alchemist Divide in concert will be Darkness Before Dawn, the Fair & Debonair, Out the Captain, Before You Fled, the Author, Georgianna Hawkins, Ever Divine, and Everything I Bleed.

Kellum encourages everyone to come out and show their support for North Phoenix's only all ages music venue.

"There is no shortage of great shows almost every night of the week," Kellum explained. "However, due to what can be considered its hidden gem location, many do not know it even exists."

Also notable is that this will be the last show for the frontman of Out the Captain, who is no stranger to the Warehouse, having played there over 15 times.

Here's the full rundown: the show starts at 5 p.m. at Warehouse 201, and you get to see nine bands for just $5! More information can be found here. Before the hardcore heavy metal madness begins at the warehouse, check out "Kings To You" by Darkness Before Dawn.

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