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Flier of the Week: The Beatles (Sort of) at The Rogue Bar

Don't freak out when you see this flier: sadly, The Beatles are not magically reforming to perform at Scottsdale's The Rogue Bar this weekend. What is exciting, though, is that every single band on the bill for the Saturday, November 6 show is playing all-Beatles music throughout the night. Think of it as your very own personal time machine back to the days when the Fab Four performed live, all with a little local flair thrown in.

Rico Hominda, who designed the flier, used the Beatles' band members' images and a whole lot of color to hopefully "inspire (people's) desire to go see the show...and maybe the temptation to grow their hair out." If you look closely, you can even spot the Beatles within their name at the top of the poster--with intricate touches like that, the psychadelic poster is certainly worth second and third looks. And the fun flowers and watercolor feel gives the flier an almost hypnotic feel.

Field Trip, Sun Ghost, The Vanjacks and Yo Koono make appearances, performing tracks from The Beatles, Let It Be and Abbey Road. While the show is 21-and-older, it is bound to see an eclectic crowd because of how iconic the group is.

"Bring your mom, and sing along!" says Lindsay Tripodis, co-owner and talent buyer for Rogue Bar. "You'll have an entire night of songs you've known your whole life--that's pretty rare. Plus, the bands are really good, so they're appropriately respectful of the originals."

Tickets are $6, and the action starts at 8 p.m. See www.theroguebar.com for more info.

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Nicki Escudero
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