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Flier of the Week: 'The Chronicles of Sheriff Joe Arpaio' Release at The Trunk Space

Sara Oliver
'The Chronicles of Sheriff Joe Arpaio'
It's evident the creators of this flier put a heck of a lot of work into it. There are costumes, the set, the props and the fact that it moves!

Don't worry that the men--and chicken--featured in the flier are actual criminals. They're just performers for this Friday, September 24 show at The Trunk Space and are all musicians featured on a split 7-inch release. The mug shots were taken because of the theme of the album, entitled The Chronicles of Sheriff Joe Arpaio, on which all four songs are inspired by the most notorious sheriff in the country.

"The Chronicles of Sheriff Joe 7-inch is a really great album and, I believe, a beautiful, political time stamp for the local music scene and all of the wonderfully terrible things that have been happening," says poster designer Ryan Avery, who spent all his tip money from his job at Tammie Coe Cakes to plaster hundreds of the fliers around town.

While the obvious aim is to lure people to the show, Ben Gallaty, bassist for Andrew Jackson Jihad, has another idea.

"I hope people take away a sense of terror from the flier," he says. Though he promises, "(People) should come out because it will be fun. Unless they don't like fun. Then they should stay home."

Other bands featured on the line-up include Porches, Fathers Day and Treasure Mammal.

"I have a feeling deep within my bones that this show is going to be one of those crazy shows that no one ever forgets and talks about for years and years," Avery says. Here's hoping no one does anything crazy enough to have to actually warrant a visit to Sheriff Joe himself.

The all-ages show starts at 8 p.m. and costs $5. See www.thetrunkspace.com for details.

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