Flier of the Week: The Jitters! at Rogue Bar

First rule of parenting: don't put masks on your kids that make them look like elephants.

Apparently the parents of this little lady featured on the flier for local punk band The Jitters! didn't care about making their daughter look as creepy as possible, as she's donning what appears to be some makeshift gas mask fashioned with a vacuum cleaner. Why she's wearing it, no one will ever know, but her eternal creepy, eyeless stare lives on.

As to why he designed the flier to look like that, vocalist/guitarist Mike Bastard explained, ""Uh...fall fashions for 2010? Or it just shows the complete lack of innocence we have now."

There are plenty of other ways to get naughty at The Rogue Bar show besides staring at the flier. All night long, The Rogue features $3 PBR's and $3 grape and cherry bombers. And for only $6, you get to check out five bands.

"All the bands playing are very high-energy," says Rogue promoter and show organizer Gina David. "Many of the band members have been around the music scene for quite some time."

Judge for yourself just how the flier relates to the show this Saturday, July 31 at 8 p.m. It's 21-and-older.

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