Flier of the Week: The Sunset Rider's Rock and Roll Circus at The Sail Inn

If you're the type to boycott circuses because of animal abuse or just think 10 clowns in one car is downright scary, here's a big top event you can get behind: The Sunset Rider's Rock and Roll Circus this Saturday, May 22 at The Sail Inn.

The show won't feature any animals being prodded with electrifying rods, but it will include sideshow acts such as sword swallowers, fire eaters and burlesque and belly dancers. There'll be a ton of local music too, by The Sunset Rider and the Skeleton Army, Black Carl, Dearspeak and more.

This flier should definitely get you in the mood for this weekend's show. It features a creepy ringmaster who kind of looks like the devil, plus a few freakish-looking performers and possibly the most frightening clown ever who looks like he wants to grab a hold of some of the kiddies in the audience. There won't be any at The Sail Inn, since the show is for those ages 21 and older.

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Something even cooler than the on-stage spectacle audience members will get to see is that anyone who attends (tickets cost $10) scores a free comic book from The Sunset Rider and the Skeleton Army, who have crafted a graphic novel starring the band. And it's a good guess the members would be more than happy to sign it for you at the show.

The party starts at 8 p.m. Check out www.thesailinn.com for details.

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