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Flier of the Week: The Thermals (and Kinch) at Rhythm Room

Brian Coughlin, guitarist for local indie pop band Kinch, is famous.

After The Thermals, whom Kinch play with Wednesday, November 17 at Rhythm Room, announced they were looking for fans to bring Furbies (those cute/creepy little toys) to shows, Coughlin decided to create a flier for the show based on his disdain for the nostalgic little creatures.

And now The Thermals are using his design as their Twitter background.

At first, in response to the brigade to get Furbies to shows (which, Coughlin says, Kinch "whole-heartedly believes are evil"), Kinch asked fans to bring the much less creepy Troll dolls to the concert. Since then, The Thermals have -- presumably with heavy hearts -- announced no Furbies are allowed at the Arizona show, and anyone who brings one will not be admitted. Perhaps there was worry of a Furby riot?

Coughlin, who says his flier was heavily inspired by posters for the movie District 9, further explains his disdain for the toys, referencing the movie Terminator.

"I find Furbies frightening and evil. First comes Furbies, then comes Skynet. It's a slippery slope."

Thankfully for Kinch, they can play the show without having to worry about any Furbies staring at them. The band, who has been busy touring and recording a new album, plans on playing half of the new disc at the concert. They also have a new member, so be sure to say hello.

The all-ages concert, which also includes a performance by White Fang, costs $13 through www.statesidepresents.com. Doors open at 7:30 p.m., with an 8 p.m. show time. Check out a video of Kinch below.

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