Flier of the Week: The Venomous Pinks

Drea Doll of the Venomous Pinks put together this flier for a wild and crazy punk rock show that's going down this Saturday night.

"Any music from Evil Beaver and the Venomous Pinks could be considered airborne toxic material," Drea said, explaining the sea of people wearing gas masks in the design. "We'll poison you slowly."

"It's gonna be a night of badass chicks rocking out," Drea said. "The Venomous Pinks have taken the title of local punk rock menaces whose stage antics will make it a night to remember."

Also joining the Venomous Pinks are the Dead Class, the Might've Beens, and Evil Beaver.

"Evil Beaver puts on a great set, plus they are a bass and drummer duo!" Drea added. Word on the street is that Evie Evil puts on quite a show.

Here's the lowdown: the fun starts at 8 p.m. at Hollywood Alley. The cover for the 21-and-over gig is $5. More information about the show can be found here. In the meantime, check out the Venomous Pinks performing their song "Don't Look Back."

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