Flier of the Week: The X Chromosomes at Rogue Bar

There's not a whole lot to this flier, for a show by The X Chromosomes at Rogue Bar Friday, June 4, but that doesn't mean it's unsuccessful in grabbing your attention. The prettily colored design just sucks you in, almost as if it's hypnotizing you with its dizzying interlocking rings...and it'll really make you miss that Spirograph you played with when you were a kid.

It was designed by Lindsay Tripodis, co-owner and talent buyer for Rogue, who also happened to design another stand-out flier from past weeks here.

"I just wanted to make a good-looking flyer, and that was about it,"Tripodis says, noting the shape of the design is part of a double helix. But just because the poster is simple and elegant, the show will be anything but. If you couldn't guess by the band's name, The X Chromosomes is a female-powered group, and their music reflects the poster because its trip-hop melodies and haunting vocals are almost hypnotic.

Joining them are national indie rock bands Static of the Gods (also with a female singer) and Sounds of Noise, as well as local acts The Rails and Curium. The show starts at 8 p.m., and more info may be found here.

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