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Denver's Flobots seem intent on fomenting a populist revolution — or, at least, cashing in on the sugarcoated, romanticized, anything-can-happen idea of one. Perhaps they've struck a chord, thanks in part to appearances on late-night TV talk shows, debut Fights with Tools is closing in on 200,000 units sold here in the land of the brave. The solution to our present economic/cultural/political quagmire apparently involves poli-sci backpacker rap calisthenics, horns, strings, classic-style rock 'n' roll guitar, and more optimism and positivity than anyone should be allowed by law to possess in 2008. Flobots aren't afraid to compare themselves to Rusted Root. They also favor Barack Obama, won't swear, and want more vaccines made available to those who most need 'em; all admirable things, sure, but my inner 15-year-old would rather just head-bang to dusty Rage Against the Machine albums.
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Ray Cummings