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For Love of Country

Like Donny Osmond, South Carolina singer-songwriter Edwin McCain is a little bit country, and a little bit rock 'n' roll. He's a whole lot of heartthrob, too, penning some of the most poetic tunes ever to make the women in the trailer parks swoon. Over the course of seven albums — the latest being the rock Americana dish Lost in America — he's shown his sensitive side through many bleeding heartland tunes and lover-man lyrics. Here are our top 10 over-the-top Edwin McCain lines, culled from songs spanning his 11-year career:

1. "Bathed in sunlight woke from dreams of murderous intention" ("Through the Floor").

2. "I'll be love suicide" ("I'll Be").

3. "Everything you are, is everything to me" ("I Could Not Ask for More").

4. "Your love, like wind, blows right by and sweeps me off the ground" ("Guinevere").

5. "And your passionate embraces absolve me from my sin" ("See the Sky Again").

6. "Look me in the eye and take my hand/We can make a difference I know we can" ("What Matters").

7. "The promise of you, it sleeps in the air" ("Promise of You").

8. "The smile on your face could sacrifice salvation" ("Day Will Never Come").

9. "Every time you look at me with loving in your eyes/I know the sun will rise" ("Sun Will Rise").

10. "Just want to feel this way without chaining you down to some old cliché" ("Say Anything").

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