Foster the People have the song of summer.EXPAND
Foster the People have the song of summer.
Neil Krug

Foster the People Trip Through Phoenix With Breezy Summer Songs

Foster the People took the world by surprise in 2011 when the group’s dark, pulsating single “Pumped Up Kicks” was one of the biggest hits of that year. Written from the point of view of a troubled teenager, the seemingly inescapable song was played nonstop on the radio and television commercials. Despite the track’s popularity, the group’s solid follow-up Supermodel failed to make a similar impact.

But history is repeating for the Los Angeles-based quartet in 2018. Just in time to be the song of the summer, the breezy grooves of “Sit Next to Me,” from the band’s soul-influenced third album, Sacred Hearts Club, is making a slow burn up the charts. The single’s subject matter is somewhat lighter than the band’s debut seven years ago, focusing on a couple who are attempting to remain friendly after a painful breakup. Foster the People’s new dance sound has made waves in the hip-hop community as well. The Knocks recently collaborated with the indie group for their track “Ride or Die.”

Foster the People perform on Monday, July 16, at Marquee Theatre, 730 North Mill Avenue, Tempe. Tickets are $29.50-$59.50 at luckymanonline.com.

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